Osaka Wood Veneer Panel


Osaka from the Kamiko Collection: Osaka panels pay homage to Kumiko’s intricate craftsmanship, offering elegance and charm to any space.

Dimensions 240 × 60 × 1.32 cm

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Key features
  • The world’s most decorative interior panel!
  • Perfect for both residential and commercial environments.
  • Solid black MDF substrate.
  • Quick and easy installation.
  • Multiple finishes available
Technical information
Dimensions 240 × 60 × 1.32 cm
Base layer

Wood veneer for counter balance


Transparent F/R laqcuer


2 panels/Box – 2.88m2

Top layer

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Honoring Tradition: The Kumiko Collection

Kumiko stands as a testament to the artistry and precision of traditional Japanese woodworking. This ancient technique involves intricately weaving wooden bars to create mesmerizing patterns and expressions, showcasing the beauty of natural materials.

Modern Interpretation in the EDO Kumiko Collection

The EDO Kumiko wood panel collection pays homage to this revered tradition while embracing modern technology. Inspired by the intricate craftsmanship of Kumiko, the collection reimagines classic patterns with contemporary flair, offering a fusion of heritage and innovation.

Introducing Osaka: A Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Osaka panels, a standout model in the Kumiko Collection, epitomize the seamless integration of tradition and modernity. Drawing inspiration from the intricate patterns of Kumiko, Osaka panels feature captivating distributions of wooden bars, creating a visual masterpiece that captivates the senses.

Crafted with Precision and Care

Osaka panels boast a top layer crafted from premium materials such as Natural Oak, Fumed Oak,  American Walnut, or Oak-Satin Black, ensuring both durability and elegance. Supported by a sturdy 12mm Black MDF intermediate layer and a wood veneer base layer for counterbalance, these panels exhibit meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Panel Measurements and Packaging Details

Osaka panels are crafted with precision to meet diverse application needs while ensuring ease of handling and installation. Here are the detailed specifications:

  • Dimensions: Each Osaka panel measures 2400mm (length) x 600mm (width) x 13.2mm (thickness), providing ample coverage for various applications.
  • Area Coverage: With dimensions of 2400x600mm, each Osaka panel covers an area of 1.44m², suitable for a wide range of spatial arrangements.
  • Packaging: Conveniently packaged with 2 panels per box, Osaka panels offer a total coverage of 2.88m², facilitating easy handling and installation.

Experience Timeless Beauty

Immerse yourself in the timeless elegance of Osaka panels from the Kumiko Collection. With their harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, Osaka panels add sophistication and character to any interior space, enriching the ambiance with their exquisite design and craftsmanship.

Discover the allure of Osaka panels and elevate your living spaces with the timeless beauty of Japanese craftsmanship reimagined for the modern world.

A Wide Range of Patterns

We offer a comprehensive range of patterns – from wall panels that evoke the traditional Japanese Kumiko designs to contemporary neo art deco styles that can withstand the test of time. Our selection includes more defined panel styles, such as beehive honeycomb patterns, peak patterns, and 3D faux-brick patterns.

A Variety of Colours

How do you make your walls look modern while also reflecting your personality? We can give traditional-looking wood panels a contemporary flair by utilising the right colours. This ultimately blends that classic aesthetic of wood panelling with a more modernised look. The wide array of colours and finishes give everyone the ability to adapt these wall panels to their ideal style – whatever that may be.

Tasteful and Restrained Design

The traditional Japanese aesthetic greatly impacted the design culture of the region and inspired subsequent trends, such as Modernism and Art Deco. These designs still live on today, and they have been blended with contemporary techniques to create state-of-the-art patterned wall panels.


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Real product finish might differ slightly from the images due to the normal color variation of the wood. The images from the current website do not represent final color and wood variation of product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are the EDO panels?

Each EDO panel is precision-crafted to a standard dimension of 240cm by 60cm, featuring an overall thickness of 13.2mm to ensure robustness and durability for interior applications.

Do you produce custom panel sizes?

While custom sizes are not available in our current product range, EDO panels are designed with versatility in mind. They can be easily modified on-site, allowing for reduction in size or seamless assembly to accommodate larger spaces.

How do you calculate coverage for your patterned wall panels?

Determining the requisite quantity of wood wall paneling for your project involves assessing the specific requirements of your design. We suggest calculating the total area of coverage and adding an additional 10% to accommodate any unforeseen adjustments. For optimal aesthetic consistency, maintain a spacing of approximately 600mm between panels to allow for natural wood movement due to temperature changes.


How do you calculate coverage for your patterned wall panels?

Our panels are exclusively designed for interior environments to maintain their aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.


Can the panels be used in a bathroom or kitchen?

EDO panels are suitable for bathroom and kitchen environments, provided they are not directly exposed to water or subjected to extreme heat. Applying a protective treatment is advisable to preserve their condition against moisture and heat.

On which surfaces can I install patterned wall panels?

Our patterned wall panels are compatible with a variety of surfaces, including brick, concrete, and plasterboard, offering flexibility in application across different wall types.

What do I do if I have plug sockets, windows, or other items to install around?

Adjusting panels to accommodate obstacles such as plug sockets or windows is straightforward. Panels can be precisely cut and smoothly finished to ensure a seamless integration with your space's unique architectural elements.

Can I hide wires behind the panels?

Absolutely, our panels are designed to not only enhance the aesthetic of your space but also to support practical considerations such as concealing wiring, ensuring a clean, uncluttered appearance.

Do the colors in the pictures look like the panels in real life?

The natural wood used for our panels ensures a close resemblance to the images displayed online, though slight variations in texture and color may occur due to the unique characteristics of wood. For the most accurate representation, contacting us for images of the latest batch is recommended.

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